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Constmach 500 Tonnes Cement Silo

Our company produces cement silo, which has a reserve capacity from 30 to 3000 tons, both welded and bolted types. Cement silos up to a capacity of 150 tons can be manufactured in both bolted and welded types. Bunkers that has a reserve capacity of more than 150 tons are available in bolts. Parts of cement silos type bolts are manufactured by laser cutting sensitive and boring methods. At the construction site, parts of cement silos can be easily and sensitively assembled. Our cement silo includes all the necessary accessories, such an electronic filter, casting pipes, a throttle valve, a level indicator, a safety valve, an Airjet pulse, hatches, etc. 1. SILO CAPACITY : 500 TONS 2. SILO HEIGHT: 20000 mm 3. SILO DIAMETER: Ø 6180 mm 4. QUANTITY OF SILO LEGS: 8 5. SILO OUTPUT DIAMETER : Ø 300 mm 6. NUMBER OF COMPONENTS : 191 7. SILO WEIGHT : 30000 kg 8. MATERIAL OF SILO LEGS : Ø273 x 10 mm STEEL PIPE 9. SUPPORT OF SILO LEGS : 100 mm C CHANNEL 10. SHEET METALS OF SILO LEG : 20 mm 11. CONICAL PART SUPPORT MATERIAL : 160 mm STEEL C CHANNEL. 12. CONICAL PART MATERIAL : ST- 37, 10 mm SHEET METAL 13. SILO BODY MATERIAL : ST -37, 8 - 6 - 5 mm SHEET METAL 14. TOP COVER MATERIAL OF SILO : ST -37, 5 mm SHEET METAL. 15. INNER MAN HOLE IS INCLUDED. 16. OUTER MAN HOLE IS INCLUDED. 17. SILO ROOF INCLUDES PAREPETS. 18. MAINTENANCE PLATFORM IS INCLUDED. 19. CHARGING PIPE : 4’’ PIPE UP TO SILO LEG. 20. STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS IS MADE FOR THE SILOS AND MANUFACTURING PROCESS DEPENDS ON APPROVED PROJECTS. 21.Painting : 1 layer of anticorrosive paint, 2 layers of FINAL COAT EPOXY PAINT , total paint thickness : 140 microns Price on request Please contact for more information. sales@constmach.com salesconstmach@mail.ru
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