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Concrete pump 33m boom

Concrete boom pump
America IMS stepper motor and driver to control the engine speed. Sweden SSAB high strength steel, the yield strength is several times higher than ordinary steel. emote control for switching on/off the engine, according to working condition. Remote control for regulating concrete displacement, according to working condition. Remote control for adjusting engine speed, according to working condition. Computer closed loop control, make the motor speed supply on demand automatically, to save every drop of oil. Steady X leg design, can spread in a narrow space. HBC wireless remote control device imported from Germany. STEIBEL gearbox and Rexroth pump unit imported from Germany.  HAWE multiway valve imported fromGermany. REXROTH valve group imported fromGermany. SIEMENS PLC imported from Germany and all the electric elements are imported. Overall hydraulic commutation system: the alternative commutation actions between pumping S tube distribution does not involve electric signals. Little impact and low noise occurs during commutation, it prolong the service life of hydraulic pump and valve. Overall hydraulic system removes the intermediate process of the electric signals, greatly improves the performance reliability of the whole equipment Centralized valve block: The hydraulic valves of main system are centralized in one valve block. This reduces the cross-connected pipelines, makes the system more compact and decreases the oil leaking possibility. Large conveying cylinder, good suction and big pumping flow rate. Our own unique design concrete piston return technology makes the concrete piston maintenance very convenient. Automatic high/low pressure switching can be chosen. Unique arm frame buffer technology can reduce the system high pressure peak value, even in the case of high output, the placing boom shakes little and tailpipe is steady. Convenient maintenance system Manual and hydraulic synchronous lubricating, convenient to inspect oilway. Use oil automatic sealing device and return filter to keep the oil in the tank for a easy and quick checking and repairing. CE certification
Brand America ims stepper motor
Company Concretingshop
Per Unit Size 1 per 33m boom
Price: USD 150,700.00 / 33m boom
33m boom

1 33m boom (Min. Order)

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Product unit 33m boom
Product Type Boom pump
Colour White